15 Young Celebs Who Dress Inappropriately Hot For Their Age!

15 Young Celebs Who Dress Inappropriately Hot For Their Age!
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Taylor Momsen


Celebrities seem to go through one of the roughest transitions, from teen to adult, right in the public eye. People become so accustomed to seeing the young celebs wear clothes that they deem appropriate and then one day… they introduce themselves to the world as this adult version of the same person. Well, that’s the story for most of the people on this list. But, some of the people on the list have been dressing a little more provocatively than most 13 and 14-year old teenagers that live in your neighborhood. Here are 15 Young Celebs Who Dress Inappropriately Hot For Their Age.



Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has grown up in the lens of reality television. Where she’s seen her mom and sisters get multiple plastic surgery procedures, watched her father transform into a woman, and even had a few procedures herself. Kylie’s Instagram is constantly under attack for the things she wears, being that she’s 17. Some people consider it typical teenage behavior to want to dress older, others think it’s way too sexy for her age.



Kendall Jenner

Another member of the Kardashian-Jenner crew is Kendall Jenner. And just like her younger sister Kylie, she’s been dressing more on the risqué side since her early teens. But, she’s also on the road to a huge modeling career, walking for many well-known designers on runways around the world. But, many people remember the dress she wore that revealed she wasn’t wearing underwear to the Much Music Video Awards in 2014.



Taylor Momsen

If you are a Gossip Girl fan, then you remember little Jenny Humphries and how she went from good wholesome girl in Brooklyn to scantly-clad lost teenager seeking attention. Well, Taylor Momsen was dressing just as sexy outside of work as she was at work. Plus she sings lead vocals for her band The Pretty Reckless. And many times she’s dressed in something that looks like lingerie and thigh high tights.



Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is the super petite, super loud belting pop singing sensation. And even though she’s already 22, she still gets a lot of flack for dressing in very sexy performance outfits. She’s usually wearing boots that have a heel on them, probably because she’s short. But, critics look down on her boots that come up past her knees. They must think she’s still on one of her hit Nickelodeon shows.



Willow Smith

Willow Smith has been around for many years. The youngest child of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, exploded on the music scene with her hit song, music video, and dance to Whip My Hair. And being the child of such big name celebs, she gets slayed by the critics for being 14 and dressing too old for her age. Critics should know, Will and Jada will always be quick to defend their children.



Miley Cyrus

Now, Miley Cyrus takes dressing too sexy to a whole other level! People are probably most confused that she was once the wholesome lead role for a popular Disney series, Hannah Montana and once the show stopped shooting, Miley was ready to show the world another side of herself. Emerging much sexier in every aspect of her life from the way she dressed to her dance moves like trying to twerk.



Vanessa Hudgens

As the singing science nerd that fell in love with the school jock in High School Musical, Vanessa Hudgens was as good as good can be. She and Zac Efron were just the cutest couple and then bam, the nude pics of the actress were leaked and everyone got to know Vanessa on a whole other level. And recently, she was criticized for her dress to the 2014 Golden Gloves being too revealing.



Selena Gomez

Many people know Selena Gomez from her staring role on the Disney hit series, Wizards of Waverly Place while others know her from her hit singing career. She’s had a number of popular songs and as she’s gotten older, the singer has started dresses a little more provocatively. Being a Disney star, she probably couldn’t stray too far from the brand image. Well, those days are long gone.



Hailey Baldwin

The answer is yes, if you were wondering if Haily Baldwin is part of the Baldwin family, as she’s the 18-year old daughter of Stephen Balwain. She’s currently a model that loves to post pictures of her wearing almost nothing on her social medias and she’s the gal pal of another model on this list, Kendall Jenner. Critics like to say she shows a lot a cleavage because of the low tops she sports.



Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato was someone who really struggled with her personal image. She started out on the Disney channel in the musical movie, Camp Rock and then in her own show, Sonny With A Chance, followed by a string of hit songs. Now that she’s done with Disney her critics think she’s gone too far to be sexy. One of the outfits in her new music video, leaves little to the imagination.



Gigi Hadid

For some people, the name Gigi Hadid is new to them. But, if you are a fan of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, then you have probably seen her on a few episodes. She’s a 20-year old model that has been featured in many magazines like Sports Illustrated, Paper magazine, and Vogue. Recently, her black cut out dress she wore to the 2015 Oscars after party, really had the critics going off.



Jessica Lowndes

While she was on The CW’s remake of 90210, Jessica Lowndes played Adrianna Tate-Duncan, the troubled singer-songwriter outcast of the crew. And on the show, Adrianna wore a lot of sexy and provocative outfits. And Jessica has been criticized for wearing some similar things in her day-to-day life. She was photographed wearing a see-through sheer top with a top similar to a string bikini top underneath.



Lindsay Lohan

Even though Lindsay Lohan is no longer in her teens, she also went through the rebellious and revealing clothes age just like many other teen stars. After the her epic role in the movie Mean Girls, Lohan started dying her hair lighter and lighter and began to really let the cleavage and mini dresses out of her closet. Recently, she’s been photographed in a sheer top with no bra, revealing everything.

Britney Spears AT MTV Video Awards


Britney Spears

It seems like Britney Spears still enjoys dressing just as sexy and provocative as she did when she was not that innocent and just a slave for you. Britney has never met a shirt that shows her stomach or cleavage that she didn’t like… or at least that’s what it seems. Whether she’s performing of on the red carpet, you can almost count on seeing her toned dance legs, stomach, or cleavage.



Christina Aguilera

Now, if you don’t remember Christina Aguilera’s major transition into being a woman, then you must have been hiding under a rock. Christina went from good girl that shows a little tummy to X-tina, her inner bad girl that will wear a bikini and chaps in public… But, as time does for many, Christina has grown up from those teenage years and wears things more age appropriate for the 34-year old.