13 Sexy Sports Moments That Will Blow Your Mind

Sports are awesome on their own. But there’s one special ingredient that can make sports even better – and no, we’re not talking about beer and junk food… We’re talking about sexiness! You know what we’re talking about. We’re talking about the cheerl...

15 Celebs Who Are Aging Horribly!

15 Celebs Who Are Aging Horribly!

[fusion_text] One of the best and worst things about being a celebrity is that they are constantly in the public eye. People are watching everything you eat, wear, buy, etc. And people love to comment on how other people look. Celebs definitely get i...

Wealthy Instagram Stars From The Persian Gulf

These wealthy young men from the middle east have it all. These guys from the U.A.E., Dubai and Abu Dhabi spend their money on wild exotic cars and wild exotic animals. Jasim Ali from the northern most Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah shows off the African Lion he rescued from a farm where Ali says, “he was a neglected pet”.