PornHub Is Using Bots To Identify Performers and Acts On Its Website

PornHub Is Using Bots To Identify Performers and Acts On Its Website
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VHS, broadband, credit card verification sites, pay-per-view, and HD (high definition) have a major accomplice in their rise to mainstream. If you guessed the adult entertainment industry then you guessed correctly. Now facial recognition technology is being adopted by one of the biggest purveyors of online pornography.

Pornhub, the #37 ranked website on the planet (according to Amazon owned website ranking firm Alexa) is turning to technology to improve its massive library of videos. The company announced it will begin using robot software to probe its massive library and millions of X-rated videos and clips on its site.

“Ultimately, we want to provide our fans with whatever it is they have a penchant for and our new model will be able to surface more accurate results for them, which will hopefully keep them coming back for more,” said Corey Price, PHub VP. “It’s all about continuously updating our platform to provide our fans with the latest in technology to make their experience on our platform as seamless as possible. The easier it is to navigate and access what they want, the happier they will be.”

If the robot finds a match to 1 of 10,000 adult entertainers in its database, the AI (artificial intelligence) powered system will tag the video with the talent’s name.

Pornhub reports its 80 million daily visitors collectively upload over 10,000 videos each day. During the AI’s beta run over the past month, it was able to scan an estimated 500,000 videos proving the technologies inadequacy in its current form.

Over the next year, Pornhub expects to scan all 5 million videos currently on its platform. The company will also use AI technology to tag specific categories, positions, and identifying features of videos. So, if the AI model detects that a video is shot outside, it will automatically add it to the “Public” category for people who enjoy that type of thing. Or, if it detects a blonde in the video, it will add it to the “blonde” category.