Ex-Inmate Sues For Negligence Due To Mocked 91-Hour Erection Caused By Unknown Pill

Ex-Inmate Sues For Negligence Due To Mocked 91-Hour Erection Caused By Unknown Pill
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● Dustin Lance of Ponca City, OK was arrested and jailed in the Pittsburg County Jail in 2016.
● During his incarceration Lance consumed an unidentified pill given to him by another inmate.
● It’s alleged the pill consumed by Lance resulted in an irreversible erection.
● Lance files suit claiming jailers denied him medical treatment and even ridiculed him for 4 days.
● Now released, Lance has filed a $5,000,000 lawsuit against the jail employees and county officials.


An ex-inmate of the Pittsburg County Jail has filed a $5-million lawsuit claiming employee negligence during his time at the facility. The prison staff allegedly taunted inmate Dustin Lance for sustaining a 91-hour erection and failed to give appropriate medical attention.

91-Hour Erection (Yikes or Wow)

On Dec. 15, 2016, inmate Dustin Lance was detained at the Pittsburg County Jail in OK when he later ingested an “unidentified pill” he received from another inmate. The next day, Lance began complaining to his jailers of “unbearable pain” due to a prolonged erection he believed was due to the pill he ingested. His plea was allegedly ignored and was even met with mockery.

After 91 hours of alleged “arduous pain” that the sheriffs heeded his request and sent him to McAlester Regional Hospital. Unfortunately for Lance the medical staff at McAlester were unable to do anything to relieve his condition and recommended he immediately see a urologist in nearby Tulsa instead; which the lawsuit says the sheriff’s department ignored and instead returned him to the county jail.

Dead And Suing


While the consequences of Lance’s medical occurrence are unclear, he has nonetheless filed a $5-million lawsuit as a result of being mocked and neglected while in need of urgent medical assistance. In an mysteriously strange twist, the county lawyers filed a motion seeking to have the suit dismissed claiming the plaintiff Mr. Lance is deceased despite Lance’s lawyer declaration stating his client is very much alive.

Authorities and medical experts have yet to identify what pill Lance consumed so is the reason for why the defendants thought he was already dead.

The defendants in the case include the Pittsburg County sheriff, a nurse, and three deputies.

Persistent Erection

Priapism or persistent erection is the condition wherein an erection persists for hours even without sexual arousal. It is an uncommon condition, but it said to be more common among men in their 30s. This condition is said to be painful and occurs when the normal blood flow to the penis changes.

Blood disorders such as sickle cell anemia and leukemia can contribute to the condition and so can alcohol and illicit drug use. Injuries to the pelvis or penis may also lead to the condition as a result of excessive blood flow.

In Lance’s case, the likely culprits are illicit drug use or certain prescription medications especially since he was unaware of the contents of the pill he ingested. Prescription medications such as antidepressants, blood thinners, alpha blockers, injectables used to treat erectile dysfunction, and hormones can also lead to priapism. In fact in 2013, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) even warned the public about the possibilities of long-lasting erections as a result of ADHD medications.

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