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20 Crazy Russian Dating Profiles

From dating pictures to wedding photos we’ve compiled 20 of the craziest and stupidest images from Russia. 1. Catfish Whisperer We couldn’t determine which Russian dating website this image was from (because we don’t speak Russian) but we really wanted to reply to this lovely blonde woman getting a kiss from a catfish. Good luck to the lucky man that wins her love but has to comp... »

13 Sexy Sports Moments That Will Blow Your Mind

Sports are awesome on their own. But there’s one special ingredient that can make sports even better – and no, we’re not talking about beer and junk food… We’re talking about sexiness! You know what we’re talking about. We’re talking about the cheerleaders shaking their tail feathers on the sidelines. We’re talking about hot female athletes who let it all hang out for your favorite men’s magazines... »

15 Men That You Won’t Believe Exist

It’s a weird, wacky and wild world out there! You probably see crazy stuff all day long where you live. Well, believe us when we tell you: you are not going to believe the men you’re about to see. In one way or another, each one of these men is exceptional. As a matter of fact, none of them should even exist. But, exist they do! And, we’ve collected them here in this convenient list, so you too ca... »

9 Companies That Collaberated with the Nazi Regime

Through every tragedy someone gets rich. 18th Century British nobleman once said “The time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.” Several Companies have made billions of dollars off the backs of free imprisoned Jewish labor and the theft of Jewish people throughout Europe. This article was written to highlight 9 companies that benefited from German Nazi rule from 1933 to 1... »

22 Rarely Seen Historical Photos

A picture can capture an epic moment to be remembered forever. Photos are the best ways to store history for thousands of years without distorting the original meaning or event. Here are a number of historical photos you will rarely see. 1. First filming session of MGM’s opening credits in 1928. Established in 1924, MGM studios were the most revered and the largest in the world. This epic photo be... »

15 Celebs Who Are Aging Horribly!

15 Celebs Who Are Aging Horribly!

[fusion_text] One of the best and worst things about being a celebrity is that they are constantly in the public eye. People are watching everything you eat, wear, buy, etc. And people love to comment on how other people look. Celebs definitely get it the worst simply because they are in the public eye and society dictates its beauty standards on these people. So, not only will we comment about wh... »

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