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15 Disney Stars and Their Hot Instagram Photos

15 Disney Stars and Their Hot Instagram Photos

When they first get them on the Disney Channel, they’re so young and innocent, aren’t they? But then they get their first taste of stardom, people start to recognize them on the street, and then things change. Then, after a few years, they grow too old for the Disney Channel, moving onto bigger and better things. Oh, and they get smartphones too, and they download this app called Instagram. Maybe ... »

University of Colorado Boulder

12 Colleges With The Most Drug and Alcohol Arrests

According to Reuters, 11 students from the prestigious Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut have overdosed on MDMA (methylenedioxy-methamphetamine) more popularly known by its street name Ecstasy(in pill form) or Molly(in powder form). On Sunday 02/22/2015 Dean Michael Whaley, Vice President of student affairs, said in a letter to students and facilty that one o/f the students... »

Mel Gonzales and Mercedes Mackay

Austin High School Crowns State’s First Transgender Homecoming King

Sugar Land, TX has made history and moved the state of Texas into the 21 Century by naming 17 year old Mel Gonzales Austin High School Homecoming King. According to AOL Gonzales is an LGBT activist and transgender boy. In September 2014 the handsome Mel Gonzales along with beautiful Homecoming Queen Mercedes Mackay stood in the field of Mercer Stadium to accept their crowns and sashes in front of ... »

Claudia Charriez

10 Transgender Celebs Initiating Change

For better or for worse (we feel for the better) the world is becoming more accepting of sexual orientation. Spearheading this is the fashion and entertainment business. Fashion designers and publications have been most accepting of transgender models and celebrities. Top publications such as ‘W Magazine’ have done photoshoots with “Carmen Carrera” shot by top photographer ... »

Sunny Leone

Indian People That Influence America

The people of Indian decent have been on the rise in the U.S.A. The United States Census reports the population of people from India in the U.S.A has increased from 1.68 million people in the year 2000 to 2.86 million people in 2010. Thats an increase of almost of 1.2 million people (70%). In 2000 the India population accounted for 0.6% of the population to an increase of 0.9% of the U.S. populati... »


India’s Top Models and Actresses

The fashion industry is one of the hottest industries in the world. The Devil Wears Prada (film) introduced us to the cut-throat world of fashion and gave us a view of what the business is really like. We all strive to look like the men and women we see on the cover of magazines and in commercials but pale in comparison. The country of India has some of the most beautiful and elegant models/actres... »

tattoo girl 03

21 Sexy Girls With Amazing Tattoos

Like women tattoos vary on quality, size, and beauty. At Viral Vice we scoured some of the most popular sites on the web including Instagram, Pinterest, Inkongirls, and Tattooton (just to name a few) which resulted in a collage of tattoo’d girls you can’t miss. »

Peter Misses Golf Put Cries

Putt Putt Whiner

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Elizabeth Hurley

The Real Cougars of Hollywood

Its said that age “aint’t nothing but a number” and these beautiful Hollywood A-listers are proving that before our very eyes. Many of the stunning women on our list got their start using their beauty as well as there brains to advance their careers. 1. Elle Macpherson Age:50 Height: 6’0″(183cm) Relationships: Gilles Bensimon, Jeffrey Soffer Notable Works: Batman and ... »

Sara Mills

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