20 Crazy Russian Dating Profiles

20 Crazy Russian Dating Profiles
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From dating pictures to wedding photos we’ve compiled 20 of the craziest and stupidest images from Russia.

1. Catfish Whisperer


We couldn’t determine which Russian dating website this image was from (because we don’t speak Russian) but we really wanted to reply to this lovely blonde woman getting a kiss from a catfish. Good luck to the lucky man that wins her love but has to compete with a 200 lbs (90 kg).

2. Sexy Banana Fail


When your country is limited on natural resources, nothing attracts the ladies like exotic fruit. That being said, this guys is letting a lot of exotic fruit go to waste.

3. Energy Drink Champagne Pour


Where do you start with this image? Fantastic greenery on an amazing riverbank with a very young girl pouring Jaguar Energy Drink on her shirt. On a side-note, our guess is the photographer licked the energy off of her soft-skinned body.

4. Junk In The Trunk


Sexy brunette girl, is doing her best to pose in the trunk of an Eastern European Volvo knockoff. Her body is stunning and she’s wearing that dress like a model but there’s just something extremely unsexy about a girl inside the trunk of a car.

5.Acid Washed Banana Seduction


This picture is obviously what every man wants in a woman. Aside from the banana and acid washed jeans, what’s with all the Indian carpets.

6. Are You Putin Me


Russia’s President / Dictator / Sexiest Man Ever just can’t get enough of himself. He’s been accused of being on HGH but even at the age of 64 those man ta-ta’s don’t really say performance enhancing drugs.

7. Speechless


Miss #7 isn’t quite a perfect 10 but we’re guessing she has an amazing personality.

8. Genepool Fail


When brothers and sisters practice coitus interruptus something along the lines of this guy appear.

9. Princess Apple


If fruit is a sign of wealth consider this Russian woman a billionaire.

10. Half Bull Half Heifer


We’re not sure if this lovely young lady has ever seen a cow in person but the photographer could have informed her that she’s dressed as a hermaphrodite cow.

11. Watchdog 2.0


Nothing says “I’m a player” like having a Kamchatka brown bear riding shotgun (by your side) on a couch in the frozen tundra.

12. Puddle Princess


This girl is not afraid to lay it out there. If you notice the woman in a long coat in the background the weather has to be cold in Russia but that hasn’t stopped this brunette beauty from taking a dip in a street intersection. If you’ve got a pool, you’ve got a Russian Beauty!

13. Hotdog Cuffs


Nothing says kinky like breaking out the handcuffs before/during intercourse but, sometimes you’ve gotta make due with whats in your refrigerator. You may laugh but we think if she offered to make love with hotdog handcuffs you’d be all in!

14. Let The Eat Fish


If you’re not afraid of a woman who can wrestle a 200 lbs (90 kg) fish out of a lake and drag it up to her apartment, this is the girl for you. We’re guessing she’s still available for dating!

15. Ak’s and Vacuums


Nothing says multifaceted like an AK-47 in the right hand and a 1972 Kirby vacuum cleaner on the right. This bad boy can execute you and clean your body up in a matter of minutes.